Course Duration: 10 Months

Maya software is most preferred software among industry professional, as it is observed that the Maya software has better user interface, ease-to-use, and is a handy tools for students and industry professionals.

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Autodesk Maya is an industry oriented 3D animation software used by studios and filmmakers to produce movies, games, many more. We can produce and develop interactive movies through our imagination using this software. Also, Autodesk Maya offer some tool to create 3D Character Modelling, Shading and texturing, Lighting, dynamics and lot more.

Course Content

3D Modelling

This helps to design 3D objects/characters using various modelling tools (such as 3DS Max and Maya).

Digital Sculpting

3D Sculpting is a software package that offers several tools such as pull, smooth, grab, and pinch. Also, it is used to manipulate 3D objects, as it is developed using a real-time substance such as clay.

Lighting & Rendering

Lighting is basically used in animation projects to manage the light source of a particular object/character from different angles. Post completion of the lighting process, the artist generates output using the rendering process.

Character Setup & Skinning

This process is used to create a skeleton setup of 3D characters, and skin the character, that respond to the skeleton.

Character Animation

It is a specialized area in the overall animation process, which helps to transform human imagination into animated content.

Fluid, Hair & Cloth FX

These components are used for managing dynamics processes such as fire, character hair, and character clothes.


It helps to adjust and manage textures and shades of a 3D object.


Maya makes career easier than ever before.

Modeling Artist

Digital Sculpting Artist

Lighting Artist

Textureing Artist

Rigging Artist

Character Animator

Dynamic Artist

Rendering Artist

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