VFX Course

Through animation, one can get inspired to gain hands-on experience of latest tools & technologies and gain a comprehensive understanding of the next generation post production workflow, Be the VFX artist that transforms an ordinary movie scene into an extraordinary one with usage of unparalleled visual effects (VFX).

VFX Advance

An advanced level VFX Program, which help trains you the basics and advanced techniques of VFX industry. RAKSAVI has designed an intensive course that…


This course will help you to gain an understanding of advance post-production process used in real-time applications areas in movies, games, animations, etc…

Which VFX course to study if I join RAKSAVI?

RAKSAVI offers Two VFX (VFX Advance and VFX) courses, under our Visual Effects Program (VFX). You can join any VFX course as per your interest and choice. For more details on VFX course duration and curriculum at RAKSAVI, fill the form and attend a free career counselling with our career counsellor.

What are the different fee for VFX course?

Two Different types of VFX courses are offered at RAKSAVI. To know the actual VFX Course Fee, visit our centre.

What is the eligibility criteria to join RAKSAVI?

You need to complete class 10th to be eligible to join VFX or Animation courses at RAKSAVI.

What are software trained in visual effects courses at Raksavi?

Some of the software taught in visual effects courses at RAKSAVI.
• Adobe After Effects
• Adobe Photoshop
• Fusion
• Fume FX
• Vray
• PF Track
• Mocha
• Real Flow
• Nuke
• Silhouette
• Adobe Premier Pro
And more….

What kind of jobs will I get as a VFX artist?

After completing a course in Visual Effects, you can get to work as a
• FX Artist
• Roto Artist
• Video Editor
• Motion Graphics Artist
• Compositor
• Clean-up Artist
• Match moving Artist
• Tracking Artist
and more.

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