Course Duration: 12 Months

This course will help you to gain an understanding of advance post-production process used in real-time applications areas in movies, games, animations, etc. VFX is primarily used to set combinations of live-action events and animations in the real-time video reels (ex: – movies)

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We have designed the course content in-line with the industry requirements, wherein we have covered all the essential fundamentals and advanced skills required for industry expert. This course covers various basic and advance topics ranging from live action movie, pre-production and post-production. This course will help you to enhance your technical skills to meet requirements of VFX industry.

Course Content

Roto Scoping

It helps to cut and adjust the specific portion of the one film into another.


It is a process of decision-making about the essential factors to communicate in an animation film. These factors are broadly categorized into shot types, camera types, camera movements, and light set-up, among others.

Chroma Removal

It is a visual effect and post-production technique widely used for compositing multiple structured images or video stream based upon the colour hues (blue and green) for changing background effects.

Video Editing

This helps to restructure and reframe the movie shots as per the user convenience.

Layer Based Compositing

It represents the whole composite body as a layered media objects, colour correction, and visual effects of a procedural map, which is arranged in a layered structure, laying out from the source file to destination file.

Node Based Compositing

It represents the whole composite body as a linking media objects, directed cyclic graph, colour correction, and visual effects of a procedural map, which is automatically laying out from the source file to destination file.

Stereoscopic Pipeline

It refers to the various stages of film production, which are required to add better visual effects to the film.

Wire Removal

Wire removal is a visual effects technique, which helps to remove the wire that is used for safety precautions during stunts from finalized films.

Motion Graphics

It is created using the combination of digital footage, which helps to create an illusion of motion. It is majorly combined with audio effects, to develop high- end multimedia projects.

Sound Editing

This helps to maintain sound-related control such as noise reduction, sound mixing, recorded dialogue etc. used for generating high-quality audio effects in the film.

Camera Tracking

It helps to map a post that is filmed with a real-time camera with 3D software camera in order to add special effects, robots, and 3D objects without any lag.

Matte Painting

It is the painted illustration of the set of distinct locations and landscape that allows filmmakers to create an illusion of an environment that is not present in real-time at a film set.

Clean Plate Generation

It helps to eliminate/alter secondary subjects of the background of a movable/still image in a shot.

Match Moving

It is a technique that permits insertion of computer graphics into live-action videotape with similar orientation to the computer-generated objects of the film shots

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Roto Artist

Matte Paint Artist

Clean-Up Artist

Video Editing Artist

Match Moving Artist

Wire Removal Artist

Camera Tracking Artist


Motion Graphic Artist

Paint Artist

Digital Painting Artist

Stereoscopy Artist

Sound Editing Artist

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